Stem Cell Therapy and Banking 

We are excited to offer Stem Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Banking to our patients. Over 11,000 animals have been treated with VetStem technology over the last decade for arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, and muscle injuries. Not only that, but VetStem is evaluating new uses for stem cells that may be available in the not-too-distant future. 

 What do stem cells do? 

  • Reduce pain and inflammation 
  • Restore quality of life and range of motion 
  • Regenerate tendon, ligament, and joint tissues 

 What is the process? 

Stem cells are processed from your pet’s own fat. 

Day 1: Your veterinarian collects fat from your dog or cat 

Day 2: Vet-Stem processes the fat to concentrate the stem cells 

Day 3: Your veterinarian injects stem cells into the affected area 

Watch a short video to see how a dog named Malibu responded to stem cell therapy. 

What Results Have Dog Owners Reported? 

  • Greater than 80% of dogs with arthritis have improved Quality of Life 
  • Here are outcome survey results for Older Dogs 
  • Here are outcome survey results for Younger Dogs 
  • Here are outcome survey results for Dogs on Pain Medication 

 Having your puppy’s stem cells banked at the time of spay or neuter is an excellent insurance policy against these conditions in the future, especially for those breeds prone to arthritis such as Retrievers, Shepherds, and other large/giant breeds 


StemInsure® Providing a Lifetime of Stem Cells for Your Dog 

Why Store Stem Cells for Your Dog?
As your dog ages, he or she is likely to develop arthritis or injure a cruciate ligament. 

The StemInsure service allows fat to be collected when your dog is undergoing an anesthetic procedure and stores your dog’s own Stem Cells so that they can be cultured to supply a lifetime of stem cell therapy. 

StemInsure Description 

  • We will collect a small sample of fat during a surgical procedure such as a spay, neuter, or other service requiring anesthesia. 
  • We then ship the fat overnight to VetStem for processing and stem cell banking. 

Cell Culturing 

  • In the future, when your dog needs stem cells, we can order cell culturing to provide a lifetime of stem cell therapy for your dog. 

Banked Dose Processing 

  • We can order the banked doses of stem cells to treat your dog any time in the future after culturing. 

What can be Treated with Stem Cells? 

  • Current uses include arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, and muscle injuries. 
  • Future uses may include treatment of kidney, liver, and immune mediated diseases. 

Benefits of StemInsure 

  • Store stem cells while your dog is young and healthy. 
  • One fat collection can provide a lifetime of stem cell therapy for your dog. 
  • StemInsure can be an affordable way to store stem cells for your dog. 

Important Considerations 

  • VetStem will store the StemInsure sample for one year at no charge. Cell culturing and banked dose processing incur additional cost. We can provide you with estimates of potential future costs for treatment.