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International Health Certificate Questionnaire

Traveling to a foreign country with a pet? Your pet will need an exam done by a USDA accredited veterinarian to get an International Health Certificate.

This is a situation where planning ahead is a must. Each country has different requirements, which may include multiple lab tests, vaccinations, or other veterinary services. For this reason, you must contact the embassy or consulate of your destination to find out what is needed. Most countries require the physical exam appointment to be no more than 10 days before travel. We reccomend the appointment be scheduled as early as possible within those 10 days to allow time for processing.

*Cost of certificate will increase depending on complexity of requirements*

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Address where you will be living/staying in the foreign country*
Are all pets traveling up to date on rabies vaccination?*

*If the pet has a chip that does not qualify, they will need to have another ISO chip implanted and then be vaccinated for rabies. Most countries will NOT accept any rabies vaccination that occurred before ISO microchip implantation*

Thank you so much for your answers! We will have a technician review your information and contact you within a few business days!

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